Parents need an extra pair of hands – and while these aren’t available, an excellent diaper bag is almost as useful.  With the right investment a diaper bag can be used well beyond the baby years, but choosing the right one needs careful thought and consideration.  It stands to reason that using a site that compares many bags in one place is a wise investment of your time, and could save you money an inconvenience.  so we’ve done it for you by putting together this resource -a one stop-shop

Ultimate Guide to the Best diaper bags ?


Skip Hop Bento Diaper Tote Bag

The Skip Hop Bento Diaper Tote Bag is well suited to moms who need a large, functional bag with a range of features.  This sturdy diaper bag is made from 100% nylon and has a long shoulder strap, clips to attach it to a pram or shopping cart, and a cooler section to store snacks for when your child needs them. It comes complete with its own set  of containers, or the space can be used to store extra diapers, formula – it’s up to you!  Available in a range of colours with the option to wear “messenger bag” style, it’s a great unisex diaper bag that Dad will also be proud to carry.


The Kate Spade New York Classic Spade Stevie Baby Bag: The Wonder in Stevie Bag


The Kate Spade New York Classic Spade Stevie Baby Bags a nicely styled baby bag for sophisticated mothers who like to travel with their child in fashion and comfort. This high end cotton canvas bag designed by Kate Spade and trimmed with cowhide leather comes highly priced with quality features such as:

  • A lined interior which is water resistant;
  • Open-slip gusset pockets on both sides of the bag;
  • Nice closure zipper on top with the inside having one zippered pocket along with five more open-slip pockets;
  • A padded changing nylon pad.



  • This bag as aptly described by Techie Dallas ‘The Stevie bag is a way better designed diaper bag than any of the high end bags out there – and it costs a fraction of what those other bags cost’.  


  • Though one customer had an unfortunate experience where the strap broke probably due to manufacturing defect or misuse, this bag is undoubtedly perfect, roomy and stylish catering to every modern mother’s needs.

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Super Ju-Ju-Be Zippered Tote Diaper Bagbest._diaper_bags
The Super Ju-Ju-Be Zippered Tote Diaper Bag is a visually striking accessory that caters for Moms with an active, fun style. These feminine tote bags contain interior and exterior pockets in varying sizes, and boast a large inner space that limits time spent searching in multiple compartments.  The bag can be worn on the shoulder or carried in the hand.  This diaper bag is a great option for moms who need the practicality of a diaper bag while staying true to their own sense of style.

Fisher-Price Fastfinder,Brown :A Diaper Backpack for the Sporty You

Fisher-Price Fastfinder Diaper Backpack, Brown is a sporty diaper backpack that mothers can carry everywhere they go, knowing that all their baby’s needs are right there whenever you need it in this comfortable tote.

This Fisher- Price diaper bag built in lovely chocolate brown color is designed with attractive features such as: –Fisher-Price Fastfinder Diaper Backpack, Brown

  • A double zippered pocket which is insulated to keep all your bottles at just the precise temperature
  • A pocket for your wipes that is easily accessible for all the clean-up moments
  • A large pouch at the front for all your personal items such as keys, phone and iPad.
  • Two pockets that are fully lined with mesh pouches to hold all your diapers
  • Adjusted and padded shoulder straps to make for comfortable carrying


  • This backpack is considered a verified purchase as described by Maristella Huerta who said that “This diaper bag isn’t fancy, but it stands up to the wear and tear of daily use’ which is an ideal bag that most mothers’ needs.

Negative :

  • One negative review reported was that the wipe lid became worn and a side pocket lost a zipper, all these happened after 2 years; which is a good indication of the maximum length that you would get full value for your money. 

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Storksak Olivia :A Diaper Bag in Sure Storksak FashionStorksak Olivia Diaper Bag, Grey

The Storksak Olivia Diaper Bag, Gray is a practical elegantly stylish bag that all fashionable mothers would like to have when they travel for any event or occasion with their beautiful child. This grey tote is priced at the high end of $198 is nicely detailed in Storksak fashion.

This diaper bag is stocked with certain must have features such as:

  • In the front there are hidden zippered pockets with nicely fashioned Storksak rings
  • This backpack is trimmed with faux leather and has a waterproof finish added to its pleasant nylon material
  • The shoulder straps are comfortably padded and are detachable based on your mood
  • Lots of pockets inside and outside to store all your baby’s and personal sleep
  • Rather easy to clean, just wipe with a damp cloth

Amazon Reviews:


  • Rabid Reader Cissy gave this bag a full 5 stars ‘It was everything as advertised-versatile and good looking. Recommend highly. ‘This points to the stylish value of the bag. This bag comes so equipped with a changing mat.


  • Sadly, one negative remark received was that the bag was shipped without one. If this is the only reason to give it 1 star, then one need not worry for the value for your money is guaranteed.

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Diaper Dude Messenger II Diaper Bag

Diaper Dude Messenger II Diaper Bag is designed for hands-on fathers.  Available in masculine prints such as black, camo and pinstripe, the Diaper Dude has a large pocket for baby, a large pocket for Dad, several velcro-closed outer pockets and a bottle holder.  With its style and versatility, this bag can be used for children of all ages, and is an accessory that any Dad would be pleased to wear.




The Skip Hop Double Deluxe Diaper bag

best._diaper_bags1New moms are often surprised by the amount of items needed for one small baby, and more children require even more space.  The Skip Hop Double Deluxe Diaper bag offers a huge capacity, but is organised into pockets for easy item location.  The outside offers smaller pockets for Mom’s items, and its handy clips allow it to be attached to standing objects.  This bag is ideal for the family with multiple children, or the extra space can be used when packing for travel. This efficient, generously sized bag will allow your family to grow without the need for a new bag.





Timi and Leslie Charlie 7-piece Diaper Bag

Timi and Leslie Charlie 7-piece Diaper Bag Set is an elegant piece indistinguishable from a large, classy handbag.  Available in a range of colours, the Charlie Diaper bag improves on the idea of a “Mommy section” by including a beautiful clutch in matching colors for Mom’s items.  The interior is partitioned off with cloth, allowing for flexible sectioning options that include space for larger items if needed.  The bag includes a stroller strap, an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap, a change mat with pockets for wipes, a bottle insulator and a zippered clothes sack.  For a bag that can be taken anywhere, look no further than this stylish design.


Okkatots Baby Depot Diaper Bag Backpack 

51JMON-NlaLOkkatots Baby Depot Diaper Bag Backpack is designed for an active lifestyle where traditional shoulder designs won’t work.  Ideally suited for active families, this comfortable backpack contains insulated pockets for snacks and bottles, a ventilated mesh pouch, a change mat, and enough leftover space for all the added extras.  The unisex design makes it ideal for Mom or Dad, helping support an active lifestyle while providing the space to assist in caring for a child.





The J.J. Cole Satchel Diaper Bag

Having children doesn’t mean that a mom must lose her sense of style.  The J.J. Cole Satchel Diaper Bag is easily mistaken for a large purse, yet has all the features that make a diaper bag so helpful.  With a removable strap to convert to a messenger bag and a matching change pad,  this diaper bag has loads of pockets and space that all close securely to stop items from falling out.  The lining is colorful and the shape is long instead of deep, allowing for easy location of items inside.  This bag is lovely to carry, spacious without being bulky, and with a range of gorgeous prints it will be taken out even when the kids aren’t


Types of the of the highest quality diaper bags

Beginning the search for a the right one for your family will be easier with an understanding of the options available.  A mom who would like an attractive option that looks at home when dining with friends will need a different design to the active family intending the bag for both Mom and Dad.  There are a range of designs to keep in mind while searching for the best fit.


A tote bag is a simple design, often available in a range of prints and colors.  They tend to be rectangular in shape with a large central cavity.  Most tote bags have handles that can fit over the shoulder or be grasped in the hands, but look for bags that have a detachable shoulder strap.  Tote bags tend to be spacious, but the deep design can make them more difficult to locate items deposited at the bottom of the bag.


Messenger bags are often available in a unisex design.  Their squared shape and long shoulder strap allows them to be worn at the side or back.  These bags often have multiple inner and outer compartments for easy organisation.  Messenger bags are not always the most elegant option, but their functional shape make them a practical choice for a  bag.


A backpack design is perfect for active families, and with the right print it is easily transferable from Mom to Dad.  Ideal for moms with a sore back from carrying the kids, the backpack allows for even weight distribution.  Bags often open wide to allow for easy storage and retrieval of items.  A backpack is a worthwhile investment for parents who travel frequently or enjoy the outdoors, and is a great choice for a second  bag.


Slings are generally a cross between a messenger bag and a backpack. The wide strap is worn over the shoulder and chest, and is often made from the same material as the bag. A sling-style bag tends to sit at the small of the back when worn correctly, and allows for better weight distribution than a standard square bag with a shoulder strap. Sling bags can be made in a unisex style, and offer basic compartments for items.


A fashion bag is any style of bag that has been designed for looks as well as functionality.  Fashion bags have the advantage of looking at home in a range of situations, and function easily as a purse as well as a diaper bag.  They often offer a range of compartments, although sometimes internal space is compromised by external design features.

the bag doesn’t have to be a clunky, unwieldy nuisance to be reluctantly carted around.  A stylish, functional bag that suits your lifestyle is possible!  A general idea of the desired shape will give direction to your searches, although designs do not always fall strictly in a single category.  Compare a range of designs and styles, and find the perfect fit for your family’s needs.

Diaper bag features

this kind of bag have been designed with moms in mind, and a good one will have loads of extra features to make life easier.  However, each mom is different and has different needs.  Here are some of the most common features to look out for when buying diaper bags.


Every diaper bag has to have pockets to store different items, otherwise you may as well use a sack!  Pockets come in external and internal varieties, and can range from cloth compartments to heavy-duty external pockets with zips.  Fasteners can give added security, but also use vital seconds when you really need to locate that burp cloth.  Ideally, a diaper bag will feature a range of different sized pockets, and with your child’s needs in mind you can select a bag that will provide areas for you to organise all the necessary items.

Mommy Section

Moms need space in the diaper bag as well, or otherwise they will be forced to carry a separate purse.  A “Mommy section” is a space in the bag where a parent can store all their necessary items, such as phone, credit cards and keys.  Most of Mommy’s things will be high value items so security is a factor to consider.  An ideal Mommy Section will be located inside the main opening of the bag, and have a zip or other form of secure closure.

Change Mat

Many diaper bags include a change mat for diaper changes on the go.  A change mat should be waterproof, easily cleanable and of a sensible size – not too bulky, but big enough to do the job.  Some parents prefer not to utilize a change mat and use the extra space for something else, and disposable change mats are a less bulky option.  Still, a durable, easy-clean mat is a worthwhile accessory for unexpected situations.

Detachable or Adjustable Straps

Preferences for carrying a bag vary between individuals, so it’s always good to have a choice.  Diaper bags often have detachable shoulder straps or stroller clips included to give parents a range of carrying options.  Consider what style best suits your family. Stroller clips are ideal for children who are happy to be pushed around in the stroller, while active children who prefer to be carried or to walk make a shoulder strap a desirable accessory.  Shoulder straps should be adjustable for maximum comfort.

Cooler Section

An insulated section can be used to safely store bottles for formula-fed babies, water for Mom or fruit and snacks for older children.  Many diaper bags feature a section specifically dedicated to snacks in addition to the bottle cooler.  These areas do take up space so consider how much use you plan to get out of them, especially as many snacks do not need insulation.  However, for summer days and long outings, an insulated space is invaluable.

Staying Clean

There are innumerable ways a bag could get dirty in the process of caring for children.  A bag that stains or scuffs easily will not last long.  Choose a fabric that can be easily wiped down or cleaned, following the directions on the care label.  Bags with small feet attached to the bottom hold the bag off the potentially dirty floor, and also prevent the bottom from scuffing.  There are fabric sprays that can be bought separately and sprayed onto the material to improve its ability to repel water and stains, which could be a good investment if the most desirable bag does not provide high levels of stain resistance.

There is no one perfect bag for all moms.  A bag might have excellent use of organisational pockets and compartments, but lack a good-sized space to store bulkier items.  A beautiful bag may not be practical, and the unisex canvas backpack might not the perfect choice for a fancy wedding.  Whatever your needs, consider the features that work best for you and shop around to find your perfect match.

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